A second life

The Fiberglass Chairs at the University of Bern

In September 2023, the University of Bern had 92 used Eames Fiberglass Chairs refurbished in collaboration with Vitra dealer Büro Bischof Bern AG and Oberli AG, a long-standing Vitra service partner in Bern. These had been utilised for many years in various public areas of the university before undergoing comprehensive restoration, which involved cleaning and polishing the bases, renewing the seat shells and replacing the glides. The chairs are now back in shape and ready for the decades to come.
Demonstrating the school's commitment to sustainable development, the green-coloured chairs are now used by the University of Bern in the vegan 'Bakery Bakery' eatery, which was recently added to the canteen offerings. The black Eames Fiberglass Chairs are in turn currently employed in the university's study and dining areas.
Refurbishing long-used Eames Fiberglass Chairs instead of buying new ones is an excellent example of sustainability in action. Highly durable chairs is what makes this possible: those at the University of Bern date from 1967 to 1990. Vitra strives to achieve such a high level of quality in each of its products to ensure that they remain up to date and in active use for decades – thanks to premium materials and lasting functionality as well as timeless aesthetics.
Read more about topics such as circular economy, recyclability and upcycling in our glossary.

Publication Date: 18.01.2024
Images: © Vitra

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