Alberto Meda, 2006

MedaMorph is a high-quality conference and meeting table system developed in collaboration with Alberto Meda. With its simple yet refined base, consisting of star connectors, profiles of variable length and two types of legs, the MedaMorph collection offers a construction kit of modular options. In addition to configurable visitor, meeting and conference tables, table units can be created in any size and shape.
The MedaMorph Folding Table occupies a special position in the collection: thanks to its castor base and simple flip-up folding mechanism, it is not only easy to move around, but also requires little space for storage. This makes it suited for dynamic, ever-changing environments that are adapted by users themselves to fulfil their current requirements.

Power and data

The power and data options for MedaMorph tables are as flexible as the furniture system itself. Specific solutions are available for various table surfaces and the desired number of power and data outlets.

Customised system

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Alberto Meda

Alberto Meda lives and works in Milan. He teaches at IUAV University of Venice and lectures at leading design colleges and institutions. He has worked together with Vitra since 1994. During this time, his designs for office chairs and a variety of tables have made a significant contribution to the success of Vitra’s Office Collection.