Augmented Reality

Bring Vitra products into your home - with the new augmented reality function.

Would you like to see your product in your own home before you buy it? This is possible with augmented reality (AR): digital elements can be inserted into the real world using the smartphone camera or special glasses. You need a smartphone to use Vitra's AR function.
What advantages does augmented reality offer?
Unlike in bricks-and-mortar shops, online shoppers cannot test and physically inspect a product. If your own imagination is not enough to make an informed purchase decision, AR can be helpful: This technology allows products to be placed in your own four walls before you buy them. You get a better feel for the effect and suitability of different products in your specific room and therefore significantly more confidence when making a decision when buying online.
What is the difference between VR and AR?
In contrast to virtual reality (VR), AR does not create a new world that exists parallel to reality. Instead, it is a real world augmented by technology. AR therefore does not completely isolate the user from their normal environment, but instead displays additional information or elements about their surroundings.
What do I need to be able to use AR?
To use Vitra's AR function, you need a smartphone or tablet. You then simply scan a QR code provided by Vitra using the device's camera.
How can I see which products have an AR function?
You will find an "AR" symbol at the bottom right of the configurator for all products with an AR function.


  1. Open the configurator on for the product you would like to view.
  2. Click on the AR symbol at the bottom right.
  3. Open the camera on your smartphone or tablet and scan the QR code. Follow the link displayed.
  4. Move your mobile device back and forth so that the floor area can be scanned and the selected product can be optimally positioned.
  5. Move and rotate your product as you wish and be amazed by the AR technology.
  6. From the virtual world to your home: make your Vitra product a reality with an order in the Vitra Online Shop. We hope you enjoy it!


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