2035: US Edition

Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra

In 2019, Vitra and Virgil Abloh presented the installation TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE, his vision of a future home, in the Fire Station on the Vitra Campus. Three products developed by the American architect, artist and designer were launched in a limited edition as spin-offs of the exhibition. Vitra and Virgil Abloh are now presenting an edition of limited pieces available to US consumers through the online marketplace Basic.Space. Scheduled to drop 3 December, the launch of the new edition will be celebrated with a number of activities. The collection will be unveiled during Design Miami as part of an installation hosted by Basic.Space.

Virgil Abloh is known for pushing boundaries and using creativity to communicate socio-political messages, while Vitra has a long history of undertaking experimental projects with designers, architects and artists that test the limitations of design’s predicted norms. The Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra collaboration invites people of all generations and backgrounds to have conversations about both social issues and design topics. The spin-off collection is related to an earlier collaboration that dropped during Art Basel in 2019 on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany, involving the futuristic exhibition TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE. The three pieces – a Ceramic Block, along with the Petite Potence lamp and Antony armchair originally designed by Jean Prouvé – are now reimagined in baby blue. The ‘hacked’ Prouvé pieces demonstrate how the power of design can evolve in order to speak to a new generation.

About Virgil Abloh

In Virgil Abloh, Vitra has selected a cooperation partner who is known not only for pushing boundaries, but also for turning an entire system upside down and reinterpreting the concept of design. With his challenging way of thinking and working, the architect, DJ, engineer, university lecturer, artist, entrepreneur and creative director of Louis Vuitton captivates an entire generation. He uses his creativity for socio-political messages and knows how to package them so attractively that it often takes a little while to fully grasp which terrain he has lured you onto.

Publication date: 23.10.2020