Factory Building

Nicholas Grimshaw, 1981

In 1981, Nicholas Grimshaw's first construction on the Vitra Campus was seen as a homage to its own industrial usage and to Vitra’s technical expertise. Relying on prefabricated elements, planning to start-up of the production space was completed six months after the great fire as covered by insurance funds. Clad with horizontally striated façade elements made of corrugated aluminium sheeting, the building houses the production areas along with two showrooms.

The second factory by Grimshaw from 1983 contains production facilities as well as the Citizen Office. This office environment was created by Sevil Peach in 2010. The founder of the London design studio Sevil Peach Gence Associates, SPGA, has worked with Vitra for over ten years and has designed office environments for and with Vitra as well as for leading international companies.

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