The Historical Museums Foundation

Hamburg, Germany

The Historical Museums Foundation consists of nine museums, including the Museum for Hamburg History built in 1922. As part of the reorganisation and modernisation of this museum, several former storage and collection spaces were converted into offices for the foundation's executive board and staff units. The colour concept designed by the architects mirrors the characteristic tones of the Hanseatic city: Elbe blue, Alster blue, sandstone grey, copper green and brick red. The resulting urban atmosphere is complemented with different wood elements that add a warm glow. Outfitted with a harmonious mix of classic and contemporary furniture from Vitra, a modern office environment has been shaped, which embodies both the history of the museum and incorporates the latest research on workplace ergonomics.
SKA Sibylle Kramer Hamburg
Interior architecture
SKA Sibylle Kramer Hamburg
Julia Maria Max
Product overview