A studio visit with Tsuyoshi Tane

On the creation of the Tane Garden House

Architect Tsuyoshi Tane provides a peek behind the scenes and explains the development of the recently constructed Tane Garden House on the Vitra Campus. A large number of study models, architectural mock-ups and drawings of the building, along with impressions of the close collaboration with local artisans are presented in the current exhibition in the Vitra Design Museum Gallery.

With a footprint of barely 15 square metres, the house combines a rooftop viewing platform for Campus visitors and a meeting room for the gardeners who tend the grounds. Tsuyoshi Tane understood that this project was small in scale, but large in meaning. This is reflected in the Japanese architect’s unique design approach, which is based on an intensive research process that explores the local context in order to utilize traditional handicrafts as well as regional resources. The result is a contemporary building that strives to minimize its ecological footprint within the local conditions.
«Tsuyoshi Tane: The Garden House»on view until 21 April 2024 at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication «The Garden House». The book is richly illustrated with images of models, sketches and further documentation of the design process and its implementation.

Publication Date: 12.12.2023
Images: 1. Portrait Tsuyoshi Tane © Vitra Design Museum, photo: Mark Niedermann; 2. A studio visit with Tsuyoshi Tane © Vitra, film: Marek Iwicki; 3. Tane Garden House, Vitra Campus, 2023 © Vitra / ATTA, photo: Julien Lanoo; 4.-6. Installation view «Tsuyoshi Tane: The Garden House» © Vitra Design Museum, photo: Mark Niedermann;

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