Tsuwano High School, Sensei Office

Tsuwano, Japan

The 18 teachers at Tsuwano High School in the Japanese prefecture of Shimane used to share a staff room in which, over the years, each had more or less staked out a spot where they could perform desk work. The cramped conditions led school administrators to seek a different approach, and in 2017 they learned about the coworking project that had been recently implemented by Vitra with Yahoo! in Tokyo. This gave them the idea of re-outfitting the existing workspace. The school contacted Vitra and together they developed a dynamic and open staff room, which contributed to a new sense of community and collaboration among the teachers.Thanks to a smart interior concept, new space was gained which is now available as a retreat or meeting area.
Interior architecture
Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Kentaro Kakizaki
Product overview