Zeppelin Rental LC&M

Essen, Germany

As a provider of logistics, consulting and management services in the construction sector, the customer required new office facilities with maximum flexibility for intensive project work. A versatile concept was implemented that allows employees to adapt the spaces in accordance with current hygiene and distancing regulations, without having to make extensive modifications. Combined with the company's health protocol, the diverse work settings ensure safety and agility during day-to-day work. Furthermore, references to materials and shapes commonly found on construction sites were integrated into the office realm to give the interiors a distinctive identity.

The new offices in Essen have proved so attractive that they are not only used by on-site employees, but also by guests from other branch offices: here the corporate culture and philosophy can be tangibly perceived and experienced. In times when remote working is increasingly prevalent, this is one of the most important requirements of success-oriented office environments.
Interior architecture
Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Eduardo Perez
Product overview