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Antonio Citterio, 2010

The Suita sofa system combines light and slender volumes with an industrial and technological aesthetic. The geometrically precise body and cushions seem to float above the sleek, bridge-like aluminium legs, which can be seen as a tribute to mid-century American design. The Suita sofa family consists of many individual components. These can be used as independent elements or freely combined to adapt to all kinds of interior environments and furnishing needs.

With Olimpo, the Italian designer chose a fabric here that adheres perfectly to the understated design, and its high percentage of linen makes the material comfortably cool to sit on.

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Types of upholstery

The elegant Suita sofa family encompasses a wide range of elements that can be freely combined with one another. A choice of different cushion types augments the adaptability of this system to fulfil personal needs and preferences.

The sleek body, consisting of a tubular steel frame covered in moulded polyurethane foam with web suspension, forms the basis of all Suita models. It can be fitted with firmly upholstered seat cushions or, alternatively, soft reversible cushions.

Back cushions are available in two different shapes:

Classic cushions: elegant shape with large back cushions, linear contours, formal appearance, available with firm or soft padding.
Pointed cushions: casual, soft shape with inviting comfort, for relaxed seating or reclining.

Head section, shelf, legs and frame

Added to a freestanding Suita Sofa, the rear-mounted shelf makes a perfect temporary workspace in combination with a laptop and a chair. Positioned against the wall, the shelf offers a convenient surface for storage and display. And a head section fitted to the sofa not only provides extra support, but also helps to block out noise and create a sense of privacy.

The structural body of Suita rests on bridge-like legs. Shelf and headrest elements are also attached to the legs. The Suita Sofa has a comfortable seat height of 25 cm. The aluminium legs and frame have a polished finish or are alternatively available with a powder-coated finish in soft light or basic dark.

Leather covers

Available in a choice of four different high-quality leathers with diverse material properties, Suita can also be personalised by selecting from a wide palette of colours. The carefully sewn seams are also design feature of Suita in leather, whose cushions are only available in a firm version.

This product was designed by
Antonio Citterio
The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded.
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