Vitra Schaudepot

Herzog & de Meuron, 2016

The exterior of the Vitra Schaudepot appears as a monolithic volume constructed from hand-broken bricks, characterised by a completely windowless façade and a simple gable roof. The bricks were split on site and give the building a lively texture. With its simple and dignified appearance, the Schaudepot reflects the cultural worth of the objects stored within. The interior of the building offers ideal conservational conditions for the preservation of the valuable pieces in the collection.

The main hall on the ground floor of the Schaudepot is defined by a regular gridded arrangement of fluorescent tubes on the ceiling, which evenly illuminate the interior. This space houses the permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibitions related to the collection, along with the entrance area and a Shop. A third section contains wardrobes, sanitary facilities and the Depot Deli and links the building to the restoration workshop, the library and the offices of the Vitra Design Museum.

In front of the Schaudepot, a raised public plaza ties the building into the architectural ensemble of the Vitra Campus. The new building contrasts appealingly with the dynamic contours of the opposite Fire Station by Zaha Hadid (1993) while corresponding to the factory building by Álvaro Siza (1992), which was also executed in brick.
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