Vitra Circle Stores

Sustainability is important to Vitra: products should last as long as possible.

Vitra products are designed in a way that facilitates recycling and allows them to remain in circulation for a long time. The Vitra Circle Stores are also part of this approach: Through these, Vitra gives the products a second life.

The Vitra Circle Stores sell used furniture and accessories from Vitra and Artek, such as samples, trade show items and exhibition pieces. Sales take place on site, with prices based on the condition of the products. All products are checked for functionality and repaired if necessary, so that a renewed product warranty can be given.
Reinventing sneakers

Since 2005, VEJA has been creating sneakers in a different way, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials.

VEJA sources Brazilian and Peruvian organic and agroecological cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and innovative materials made from recycled polyester. The production of VEJA sneakers takes place in high-standard factories located in Brazil. The logistics for VEJA stores in Europe and e-commerce are managed by Log’ins, a company specializing in professional and social inclusion.
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