Dancing Wall "Mobile Collaboration"

Dancing Wall is a mobile partition that can be used to flexibly divide interiors into different zones. It consists of a carefully proportioned metal frame with a base clad in solid wood. The distribution of weight ensures that Dancing Wall is extremely stable yet still easy to move around, despite the short length of its lateral castor extensions.

Vitra has developed a complete solution for mobile conferencing in collaboration with Samsung, Logitech and Barco. Equipped with a 65-inch display, an all-in-one video bar and ClickShare technology, Dancing Wall is the ultimate mobile tool for video conferencing. It transforms any area into a collaboration space, whether in offices, hotels, conference centres or universities.
Dancing Wall Monitor_TS_web_16-9
The Samsung display, Logitech video bar and ClickShare solution from Barco are state-of-the-art technical components developed and designed by leading manufacturers, cleverly combined with Vitra’s Dancing Wall to form a high-performance unit.


The Logitech portfolio focuses on technology that connects people in their daily lives. The Swiss company is revolutionising the modern working world and enabling a new logic of teamwork with its innovative video collaboration solutions encompassing video conferencing hardware, software and services.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires people and shapes the future with ideas and technologies that improve our lives. Samsung follows a simple business philosophy: dedicating its talents and technologies to create superior products and services that can contribute to a better global society.
Barco’s collaboration and visualisation solutions guarantee secure and creative experiences. ClickShare CX-30 enables seamless one-click conferencing. The agnostic wireless room system can be used to launch hybrid meetings from individual laptops with any conference tool.

Integration partners

visunext SE develops and markets solutions for presentation technology, conference room equipment, digital learning environments and more.
Eotec AG specialises in the fields of video security, media technology and communication systems.
BigScreen GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of media technology in Austria.

Dancing Wall ‘Mobile Collaboration’ comes in four variants. The basic components always include Vitra’s Dancing Wall, whose castors allow flexible use anywhere, and the ClickShare unit from Barco for one-touch connection of devices. Depending on the intended purpose, the four available packages are configured with or without video conferencing technology and with or without a touch display.

Mobile Presentation
This package is the right solution when only a presentation function is required. A mobile unit with the very best image quality on the Samsung display.

Mobile Video Collaboration
The ideal setup for video collaboration and hybrid meetings, suitable for small to medium-sized meeting spaces. Logitech’s Rally Bar Mini brings studio-quality audio and video to your video conferences.

Mobile Presentation Touch
Add touch capability to the mobile presentation unit and change the way you collaborate. Meetings become more productive, brainstorming sessions are more creative and workshops more effective – for example with the aid of digital canvas tools like Miro or Mural.

Mobile Video Collaboration Touch
Hybrid workshops and creative sessions require interactive collaboration using touchscreen and video conference functionalities. Configured with the Samsung Flip Pro and Logitech Rally Bar Mini, this is the ideal setup for such requirements.


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