Philosophy of ‘select and arrange’

A Vitra Anecdote

‘Select and arrange’ encapsulates one of the primary methods employed by Charles und Ray Eames. This concept of careful selection and arrangement was a major influence not only on numerous furniture designs, but also on works of architecture, exhibitions, multimedia presentations and films.
The principle is especially evident in the Eameses’ approach to interior design, most prominently exemplified by their own home. The interior of the Eames House is a thoughtfully composed, harmonious collage of diverse decorative elements such as furnishings, plants, colourful paintings, handmade folk art and other artefacts like the Eames House Bird and the Eames House Whale, abstract sculptures, books, toys, woven blankets and objects from nature, including seashells and fossils found amidst the dunes of the Pacific.
Over the years, the assembled objects were frequently repositioned and recombined, and new pieces were regularly added, but it always remained a highly personal expression of Charles and Ray Eames and their philosophy. The beauty, hospitality and informality of the Eames House continue to have a lasting impact on Vitra and its conception of living and working spaces.

Date of publication: 18.09.2023
Author: Stine Liv Buur
Images: © Eames Office, LLC 2023;

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