Care Instructions & Care Products

Proper care helps a Vitra product retain its original appearance for as long as possible. Cleaning and care instructions as well as recommendations for care products can be found here.

General care instructions

The following care instructions are recommendations only. For general surfaces, we advise using a
damp cloth. We recommend the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents as well as regular care of your furnishings and the prompt treatment of spots and stains. Before using a detergent or other cleaning agent, it is advisable to test it on a concealed area. Please follow the cleaning product manufacturer’s instructions and contact a professional cleaning company in case of stubborn dirt or stains.
Cover fabrics
To care for cover fabrics, simply hoover dust and lint regularly using an upholstery nozzle. Fresh spots and spills can usually be removed by blotting immediately with an absorbent, lint-free sponge or cloth. To prevent remaining traces of a ring mark, work from the outer edge of the spot towards the centre. To avoid mineral residue on dark fabrics after drying, we recommend the use of household-grade distilled water for dampening. Stubborn spots can be treated by brushing dry stains lightly with a soft brush (for example, a clothes brush). Depending on the type of stain, the use of solvents may be necessary. In such cases, it is essential to consult a professional cleaner.

Under no circumstances should cover fabrics be rubbed vigorously. Please be sure to consult a specialist before using any solvent-based cleaning product.
Vitra plastics are very robust, exhibiting excellent shape retention and colourfastness, and therefore resistant to a variety of chemicals and other substances. Furthermore, special additives retard the fading of colours due to UV radiation. However, the exposure of a chair to sunlight for prolonged periods may cause the colour to change over time. For this reason, limited exposure to sunlight is advisable. Please use a soft, damp, non-abrasive cloth to clean plastic surfaces and dry gently. For stain removal, we recommend the use of a mild, commercially available cleaning agent.

Never use abrasive cleaning agents such as powders or pastes, or aggressive 'all-purpose cleaners' like alcohol, as these may damage the surface.
Leather furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be kept some distance away from sources of heat; otherwise, the leather can dry out and become rigid. To ensure that leather remains soft and supple and that its natural protective film against water and grease remains intact, we recommend that you treat your Vitra furniture once a year with a mild cleaner. Stain removal: superficial dirt can be removed with a damp cloth as long as care is taken not to wet the leather and not to apply direct pressure. You should also avoid rubbing too hard. For cleaning, we recommend using a special leather cleaner in foam or liquid form. Small dirt stains or pen stains are best removed with a colourless pencil eraser. To prevent the leather from drying out, you should subsequently always apply a designated care product from a specialist retailer. Liquids should be dabbed away immediately with a cloth and, if necessary, wiped off with a little water.

Please do not use any aggressive agents such as stain removers, turpentine, shoe polish, etc.
Stain removal: for quick removal of contaminants on polished high-shine, matte chrome and aluminium surfaces, apply a glass cleaner with a clean, soft cloth and subsequently wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth. For stainless steel, we recommend the use of a special spray or cleaning agent for stainless steel or normal dishwashing liquid. Powder-coated surfaces should be cleaned with water-based solutions containing pH-neutral detergents (pH 5-8) and soft, non-abrasive cloths, rags or absorbent wadding.

Always clean metal surfaces carefully and without scrubbing to prevent scratches. Never use cleaning agents containing abrasive grains or powders, acetic acids or citric acids.
Wood is long-lasting, especially when its qualities are properly exploited. Furniture made of wood reacts to its environment; exposure to light, for example, alters its colour. And it is able to adapt its own moisture content levels to that of its environment. In the case of excessive fluctuations in temperature and humidity, however, it reacts by cracking and warping. Vitra treats its solid wood table tops with oil to highlight and protect the properties of the natural material. To avoid stains and other damage, liquids should be wiped away immediately. Vitra seals its veneers with a high-quality finish. Because of this, a soft, slightly damp cloth – with a mild detergent in the case of stubborn dirt – is sufficient for cleaning solid wood and veneer surfaces. Wet surfaces should be dried immediately with a cloth. A care set is included for the care and maintenance of solid wood surfaces and should be used at regular intervals.

Do not use any harsh cleaning agents or care products containing silicone or abrasives. If possible, avoid rubbing the surface while cleaning it, as this will make matt finishes shiny and charge the varnish with static electricity which will attract more dust. We do not recommend using furniture polish or wax, as they contain unsuitable solvents and/or colour additives and leave a coating that is very difficult to remove.
Some Vitra furniture items are suitable for outdoor use. To ensure a long service life despite exposure to the elements and the impact of sun, humidity, frost and snow, you should observe the following instructions for use, care and storage.

Do not allow water to accumulate on your furniture. We recommend that you position chairs at a slight angle when not in use. Wipe down the surface if it has become wet after rain or snowfall, and immediately clean up any spilled liquids or sunscreen.

Furniture made of plastic dries quickly and is therefore weather-resistant. However, too much direct sunlight can make the material brittle and lacklustre over time and the colour will change – even though Vitra uses special additives that slow down the fading caused by UV radiation. We therefore recommend that plastic is not exposed to the sun for longer than necessary.

Bird excrement should always be wiped off as quickly as possible and if furniture is used near the sea, please note that the salty air can have an adverse effect on steel and aluminium components. Avoid prolonged contact with objects that hold water or moisture (e.g. a flowerpot on the table). Only cover your furniture in breathable materials.

Before putting garden furniture away for the winter, you should clean it thoroughly. Remove dust, dirt and rust and store it in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, sheltered from the elements and safe from knocks or bumps. Good air circulation prevents the formation of mould, and although plastic products are very robust, you should protect them from freezing temperatures.

Product-specific care instructions

Product-specific care instructions can be found via the respective product pages in the main menu – Please scroll down the respective product page to the heading ‘Information’ where you will find the category 'Informational materials'. 'Factsheets' typically provide information on cleaning and care as well as material composition. The latter is often required by upholstery cleaning specialists. Information on material composition can alternatively be accessed quickly via the Colour & Material Library.

Care products

Vitra offers selected leather care products. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining fabrics, Vitra recommends the use of care products from LCK, which you can purchase from the LCK's online shop. The products are specially tested for their suitability for Vitra fabrics. If you have any specific questions, you may also contact the LCK customer service directly. If no delivery service is offered to your country, please contact LCK customer service.