Coworking Spaces, which allow freelancers, creatives and small start-ups to rent offices and infrastructure on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly basis, have been increasing in number over the past few years. These spaces not only enable users to save on fixed costs for offices, which are usually considerably higher, but they also tend to foster a stimulatingly interactive, interdisciplinary dynamic that becomes a hotbed for new ideas.

In terms of quality, Coworking Spaces have to surpass traditional, standardised offices. Not just because the users – as renters of the office spaces and infrastructure – have high demands, but also because the spaces should be conducive to a pleasant atmosphere: after all, it has been proven that our environment influences our mood, our sense of well-being, our productivity and our motivation.
As is the case for any office environment, it is not enough to simply choose attractive office furniture for a Coworking Space. Instead, careful planning must be done to determine and find functional solutions for the space’s future uses and requirements. Only on this basis can an environment be created that meets the needs of users while providing an interior design that conveys a sense of well-being.
When planning and furnishing Coworking Spaces, Vitra draws on the experience of hundreds of office projects that have been implemented around the world. Furthermore, due to constantly changing occupancy, products in Coworking Spaces tend to be used more than average, making Vitra’s high-quality solutions especially suitable.

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