Irenie Cossey makes a home by collecting memories

Originally from Dublin, Irenie has established her creative studio in London, where she lives with her family. Her home features a contrasting mix of Eames classics and contemporary design objects and artworks.
‘I have this obsession with collecting objects. I think I’m trying to unconsciously frame individual moments and freeze things in time.’
'Design has been part of my life ever since I was a child. I was always in my bedroom, drawing and making things. I guess I’m analogue by nature. As an interior designer I need to see things through. When we moved in here 14 years ago, I wanted to put my own stamp on it.

When I curate spaces, it’s all about connections and layers. My house, and any home is in constant shift. We change, children change, spaces change, we need to adapt to that. So there’s always a project going on, everywhere. My home is a platform to test ideas. I might see a colour somewhere, and I’ll keep it in mind, and try and apply that to fabrics, paints, samples, tiles, to a new project. It’s like making a fruit salad, blending bitter and sweet. The pop of something unusual is what I’m after. There’s always this constant: old and new, found and revived. Either reupholstering something a few times as needed over its lifespan or mixing it with new pieces.’
‘Everything has a story. About a year ago we managed to get an original plywood splint by
Eames, which we’d been after for years. It is in the dining room. People ask what it is, and then we explain the background and how it ended up in our house. Or my mum’s Irish harp, which she played from the age of a child. I brought it back from Ireland. No one in the house can play it but I just love all the memories it brings.’
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