Chris Glass likes to look at the background of objects

Chris Glass was born in Atlanta and is an interior stylist and founder of aptm in Berlin where he has lived since 2001.

“In my apartment I have objects from the area in which I grew up as well as the places in which I have lived. And then there are the things I have collected on my travels. My apartment is like a moodboard of things, colours and fabrics that I love and that bring back memories – a mixture of old and new with classical objects alongside the provocative and unexpected.

I don’t simply follow the latest trends. The craftsmanship, the quality and a personal relationship with the object are more important to me. This brings things to life and keeps them enduringly alive.”
“Every single thing has a story to tell. When I select objects and furnishings for other people, part of the job is to explain the history behind them, so that they can come to life.”
Chris Glass
“I grew up with antiques in our home. My little brother and I shared a room and I changed it around every month. So it’s no surprise that is precisely what I do for a living today. At the weekends the whole family drove through the area and we looked at architecture and houses and this left a lasting impression on me.

You can design a room and furnish it beautifully but it only comes to life when people form a relationship to it. A home is the place where you feel completely at ease. It isn’t a geographic location, it’s not an address or four walls. A home is where you have the feeling that you have arrived somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable.”
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