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An innovative working environment is a strategic tool for the future of any company. Curated office concepts mould a sense of identity and give employees a home away from home.

The Consulting and Planning Studio has many years of experience in the formation and implementation of inspiring and innovative work concepts and environments. Together with our clients, we future proof workspaces – and empower people to unlock the potential of an interior as we collaborate on its transformation.
‘Our mission: we create authentic environments. Interiors can have a lasting positive effect on people and patterns of behaviour.’

About us

The Consulting & Planning Studio is an interdisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, psychologists and many others supporting you with their collective knowledge. We stand for quality and long-term flexible solutions. We strive for innovation and recognise the influence that identity-defining work environments have on people and work culture.

Five steps to your new working world

We work with you to analyse expectations and define the goal for your office project, establishing a strategy and specifications for spaces, organisation and culture. Organisational standards, productivity, innovation and of course the needs of your employees play an important role in the planning phase.
1. Awareness
The path to a new office starts with a journey: you can experience different office concepts on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein and at the Vitra Headquarters in Birsfelden. Which global trends and changes are relevant for your office project now and in the future? We will work closely with you and your employees to develop a transformative concept.
2. Analysis
We identify and derive your requirements for tomorrow’s office environment from current work methods, processes and future-proof strategies. We establish a foundation that can integrate individual and community needs through interactive workshops with management and users.
3. Planning
Functional requirements and corporate culture are made tangible in the structures (floor, wall, ceiling, fixtures) and surfaces: thanks to an exhaustive interior concept, the spaces we design provide inspiration. A strategic choice of surfaces, colours and materials creates a distinctive atmosphere and underscores the defining culture and identity of your company. Individual work environments with carefully chosen furniture typologies can be determined for each specified requirement.
4. Implementation
We work together with local partners to ensure that the office concept we have developed together becomes a reality.
5. Support
Inhabiting the new environment brings the space to life and injects fresh energy into the company. We will continue to support you as a partner and help you learn from your experiences and adapt to further changes.

Discover reference

The Consulting & Planning Studio created three co-working spaces in Freiburg in collaboration with Grünhof founder Hagen Krohn – consistently seeking to develop a physical environment that reflects Grünhof’s identity and culture.

Client testimonials


Nils Spier, Director Product & Services HF Mixing Group

‘With our new building, the aim was to offer a state-of-the-art working environment that establishes a communication-based atmosphere extending beyond the actual workday. Our verdict after just one year: we achieved what we set out to do – we are all together again and have forged a new working culture.’


Prof. Dr. Götz E. Rehn, founder and CEO of Alnatura

‘The aim was to achieve the most sustainable office building possible in Germany. It had to promote cooperation, which is, of course, the essence of an office. And it naturally also had to look attractive.’

AI Campus Berlin (Merantix)_41_web_3-2

Adrian Locher, co-founder of Merantix

‘Beyond the formal way of working, there’s the informal, where these serendipitous encounters happen at the coffee bar, in the cafeteria. People bump into each other, and all of a sudden, they realise there are things they want to explore together. It’s this informal part of work that adds so much value.’

Vitra tests tomorrow’s solutions today

We use our own offices as a field for experimentation with multiple locations and spaces of varying size and scale for 30 to 180 employees. The needs of the company management, the information and communication technology departments, the marketing team and the various operational divisions for the planning and controlling of logistics and production processes are completely different. To meet these diverse requirements, innovative ideas for work methods and furnishing concepts and associated products are tried and tested – and either further developed or abandoned in favour of other solutions.
Come and see for yourself: you are more than welcome to visit Vitra’s offices and conference rooms in Weil am Rhein and at the headquarters in Birsfelden near Basel and explore the range of possibilities.
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