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Akari Light Sculptures

Isamu Noguchi, 1951


The oeuvre of Japanese-American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) is unusually multi-faceted. In addition to sculptures, he also created stage sets, furniture, lighting and interiors, as well as outdoor plazas and gardens. As a sculptor, his interest was not restricted to materials and form, but also extended to spatial effects and interior designs. Noguchi intended his art to serve both practical and social functions, and his sculptural style exerted a lasting influence on the idiom of organic design in the 1950s.

'The harshness of electricity is thus transformed through the magic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun – so that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night.'
Isamu Noguchi
© 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich

In 1951 Isamu Noguchi began to design the Akari Light Sculptures, works characterised by weightless luminosity. He chose the name 'akari' for these objects, a word that means 'light' in Japanese, connoting both illumination and physical lightness. During a journey to Japan, Noguchi paid a visit to Gifu, a town known for its manufacture of paper parasols and lanterns. While there he sketched his first two Akari Light Sculptures, and over the following years he created a total of more than 100 models, consisting of table, floor and ceiling lamps ranging in size from 24 to 290 cm.

© 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
© 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich

Each luminaire is meticulously crafted by hand in the Ozeki workshop, a traditional family-run company based in Gifu. In a first step, bamboo rods are stretched across the original wooden forms designed by Noguchi to make the framework that determines the object's shape. Washi paper, derived from the bark of the mulberry tree, is cut in strips to fit the size and shape of the lamp and then glued to the bamboo ribbing. After the glue has dried, the wooden form is removed and the shade can be folded. The Akari Light Sculptures are packed for shipping or storage in flat boxes developed especially for the luminaires.

The Akari Light Sculptures are marked with a stylised sun-and-moon logo, which also resembles the corresponding Japanese characters. This symbol guarantees the authenticity of each product.

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Akari 1A
2D dataDWG, 28.92KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 4.70KBDownload
3D data3DS, 10.85KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 137.72KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 126.39KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 27.60KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 62.29KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 56.76KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 63.28KBDownload
Akari 1AD
2D dataDWG, 29.16KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 4.60KBDownload
3D data3DS, 10.85KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 180.07KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 172.29KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 27.52KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 76.12KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 140.17KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 104.96KBDownload
Akari 1AG
2D dataDWG, 28.97KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 4.60KBDownload
3D data3DS, 10.85KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 155.91KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 144.34KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 27.61KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 72.65KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 97.28KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 83.35KBDownload
Akari 1AY
2D dataDWG, 28.88KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 4.60KBDownload
3D data3DS, 10.85KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 155.64KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 144.06KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 27.60KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 72.44KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 94.61KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 82.10KBDownload
Akari 1N
2D dataDWG, 33.14KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.92KBDownload
3D data3DS, 10.93KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 139.81KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 128.96KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 28.37KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 85.38KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 176.27KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 126.43KBDownload
Akari 1P
2D dataDWG, 30.40KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 5.14KBDownload
3D data3DS, 10.49KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 131.85KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 119.96KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 28.52KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 67.10KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 127.34KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 82.54KBDownload
Akari 3X
2D dataDWG, 24.76KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 1.88KBDownload
3D data3DS, 32.10KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 238.98KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 224.90KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 77.01KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 107.39KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 175.84KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 159.94KBDownload
Akari XP1
2D dataDWG, 26.79KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 3.17KBDownload
3D data3DS, 7.35KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 102.25KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 12.29KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 20.13KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 49.81KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 114.65KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 65.22KBDownload
Akari 20N
2D dataDWG, 30.17KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 5.30KBDownload
3D data3DS, 12.22KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 145.15KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 131.20KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 30.17KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 85.22KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 177.84KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 144.85KBDownload
Akari 3A
2D dataDWG, 34.06KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 7.09KBDownload
3D data3DS, 13.31KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 306.21KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 312.70KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 27.75KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 392.51KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 1.47MBDownload
3D dataSKP, 455.63KBDownload
Akari 7A
2D dataDWG, 25.12KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 27.28KBDownload
3D data3DS, 201.45KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 296.95KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 1005.34KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 1.02MBDownload
3D dataFBX, 311.01KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 533.63KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 1.16MBDownload
Akari 9A
2D dataDWG, 41.39KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 44.78KBDownload
3D data3DS, 171.28KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 246.81KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 788.64KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 838.48KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 273.36KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 466.71KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 896.96KBDownload
Akari 10A
2D dataDWG, 30.69KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 5.74KBDownload
3D data3DS, 6.62KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 265.96KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 14.76KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 277.35KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 379.80KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 1.46MBDownload
3D dataSKP, 392.86KBDownload
Akari 14A
2D dataDWG, 33.28KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.51KBDownload
3D data3DS, 25.37KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 368.46KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 362.70KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 53.88KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 424.56KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 1.50MBDownload
3D dataSKP, 504.94KBDownload
Akari BB3-33S
2D dataDWG, 26.78KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 3.41KBDownload
3D data3DS, 33.59KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 474.31KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 479.59KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 51.01KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 627.64KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 2.76MBDownload
3D dataSKP, 872.15KBDownload
Akari 45A
2D dataDWG, 31.39KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 5.48KBDownload
3D data3DS, 38.35KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 264.13KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 230.62KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 76.89KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 112.40KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 114.07KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 261.90KBDownload
Akari 55A
2D dataDWG, 32.49KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.50KBDownload
3D data3DS, 38.29KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 264.89KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 231.19KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 76.72KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 112.72KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 114.04KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 265.88KBDownload
Akari 75A
2D dataDWG, 31.20KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.11KBDownload
3D data3DS, 37.96KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 263.86KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 230.52KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 76.53KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 113.72KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 113.63KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 262.57KBDownload
Akari 120A
2D dataDWG, 33.28KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.61KBDownload
3D data3DS, 38.32KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 263.30KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 74.17KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 227.67KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 112.15KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 111.91KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 263.00KBDownload
Akari 55D
2D dataDWG, 32.80KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.37KBDownload
3D data3DS, 34.63KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 275.92KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 246.29KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 72.91KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 126.35KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 228.05KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 332.90KBDownload
Akari 75D
2D dataDWG, 32.15KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.12KBDownload
3D data3DS, 34.58KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 275.10KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 245.60KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 72.95KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 127.25KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 228.50KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 327.61KBDownload
Akari 50EN
2D dataDWG, 32.68KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.52KBDownload
3D data3DS, 33.23KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 264.17KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 239.47KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 70.03KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 122.33KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 224.72KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 314.00KBDownload
Akari 70EN
2D dataDWG, 32.48KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 6.19KBDownload
3D data3DS, 33.45KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 263.38KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 238.60KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 69.74KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 122.71KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 224.41KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 315.41KBDownload
Akari 45X
2D dataDWG, 25.28KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 2.22KBDownload
3D data3DS, 3.88KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 71.42KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 6.54KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 8.22KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 53.96KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 149.98KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 91.82KBDownload
Akari 16A
2D dataDWG, 48.59KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 52.50KBDownload
3D data3DS, 110.34KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 199.46KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 769.95KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 782.07KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 240.99KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 261.79KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 759.15KBDownload
Akari J1
2D dataDWG, 25.54KBDownload
2D dataDXF, 2.35KBDownload
3D data3DS, 6.62KBDownload
3D dataDWG, 101.58KBDownload
3D dataDXF, 94.96KBDownload
3D dataDAE, 13.57KBDownload
3D dataFBX, 63.43KBDownload
3D dataOBJ, 155.59KBDownload
3D dataSKP, 122.23KBDownload
This product was designed by
Isamu Noguchi
The oeuvre of Japanese-American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi is unusually multi-faceted, ranging from the fine arts to industrial design. Since 2002, Vitra has produced re-editions of his designs in cooperation with the Isamu Noguchi Foundation in New York.
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