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Happy Bin RE Large

Michel Charlot, 2016

The new high-quality recycled material used to make Happy Bin RE stems from Germany's 'Yellow Bag' (Gelber Sack) collection of household waste, from which used plastic packaging is sorted, cleaned, shredded and upcycled back into injection-mouldable polypropylene. Due to its composition, the recycled material is interspersed with tiny specks of pigment. These subtle colour variations perfectly complement the slightly irregular shape of the wastepaper bin: Swiss designer Michel Charlot was inspired by a Hans Arp sculpture when creating Happy Bin RE, which brings an unusual organic design language to the typically austere office.


Product family

Happy Bin

Office accessories designed by Michel Charlot introduce unusual organic-shaped designs to the usually austere office environment. Inspired by cartoons and sculptures, the different containers add a cheerful touch that will brighten up any setting. A sculpture by Hans Arp prompted Michel Charlot's design of the Happy Bin. While respecting industrial production methods and material properties, the slightly irregular shape of the waste paper bin was designed to appear almost to have grown naturally. The Happy Bin is made of robust plastic and comes in two sizes and a selection of colours.

This product was designed by

Michel Charlot

After completing a degree in industrial design at the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL), Swiss designer Michel Charlot worked for Jasper Morrison Ltd in Paris, London and Tokyo. In 2011 he set up his own studio in Basel and has since worked for a number of prestigious clients. His collaboration with Vitra began in 2013.