A duotone weave, just like an impressionist painting, can demonstrate how the perception of colours is an activity.

Participation is necessary in order to actually see the colour emerge from the thick and loose yarns or brushstrokes. The world of industrial production tends to exclude such activity, as it excludes instability. Yet it is precisely this instability that brings colours to life and makes us gaze at them.
The duotone concept sets up a colour conversation between the warp and the weft. The warp is typically in a darker colour than the weft yarn, which gives an optical depth to the weave. The interweaving of two different colours unites the realm of office spaces with the softness and intimacy of home. A colour composed of layers keeps a colour fascinating. You have to blink twice. Is that surface red? Or is it grey? It does not look the same in the morning as it does in the evening or in winter and summer.

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