Colour Worlds

The aim of the collaboration between Vitra and the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is to create a unique realm of Vitra colours and materials that augment contemporary designs and renew classic pieces in the collection.

Jongerius' colour concept for Vitra organises all colours in four contrasting colour worlds. The greens, the reds, the lights and the darks suit both home and office. The system encompasses the entire spectrum of colours, while the different colour worlds classify their specific purpose. The Vitra Colour and Material Library is no advice kit. It is to be used as a tool, both within the design and production process as well as outside of the company grounds.

After living in a green environment for thousands of years, distinguishing prey or edible plants, our eyes’ colour receptors have become most sensitive to the greens. A biological evolutionary process now enables us to differentiate many shades.
to the colour world greens


Red hues appear vibrant, dynamic and more immediate than other colours. Along with oranges and yellows, they need light to unfold their true beauty. Red is the first colour that babies acknowledge.
to the colour world reds

Retreating and absorbing, the darks are more distant and calm. They take in light and hold warmth. They are shadow colours – the darker a colour, the further it seems to be away from its observer.
to the colour world darks


The light colours, which we call ‘lights’, accentuate, reflect and project other colours. They remind us of an empty sheet of paper, untouched snow and are a Western symbol of purity.
to the colour world lights

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