Merantix AG

Berlin, Germany

The venture studio nurtures start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The Berlin AI Campus was established to create an environment in which partners from science, business and politics as well as stakeholders and investors can network. The non-profit innovation centre with 5200 square metres of office space is the headquarters of Merantix, but is also open to anyone in the AI community.
New building project 'Enter Berlin', RKW Architektur +
Interior architecture
Christian Necker, Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Eduardo Perez
The most dynamic working environment is the so-called Connection Space, a version of Vitra's post-pandemic 'Club Office' concept adapted to the client's needs. Here, an open area of 800 square metres provides a site for work and meetings, interaction and exchange. Various public and semi-public zones provide suitable settings for different tasks and working styles. Permanent rooms are available for meetings, while other spaces can be 'privatised' in an instant using acoustic curtains. Planted terraces, lounge areas, a café that turns into a bar in the evening, the 'makerspaces' and workshops where ideas can be quickly tested out: they all promote creative exchanges, and are intended to bring people and companies together and help generate new ideas.
Product overview

Dynamic Spaces

E-Paper 08

Developments of the past two years have shown that work environments with flexible design and a philosophy of change have a clear advantage. Our e-paper on Dynamic Spaces features expert interviews and best-practices for individuals and organisations.
E-Paper 08