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For decades, Vitra has dedicated itself to the topic of sitting. This naturally includes time spent in public spaces – illustrated quite clearly by the fact that Vitra has had the waiting area seating system Eames Tandem Seating as a part of its product portfolio since 1962.

Not only the operators of public institutions, but also individual employees, visitors and passengers benefit from the experience Vitra has gained from its global installed base and its continuous exploration of new developments.

Airports, train stations and other public spaces are often filled with people around the clock. Their planning and furnishings contribute both to their success in operations and to the well-being of the people who use them. The products employed must therefore meet the highest demands in terms of quality, design and serviceability.
Thanks to the broad spectrum of products, visitors to waiting zones as well as users of other areas can benefit from the ergonomic and design quality of Vitra’s products: from the airport gate to customs, security clearance and luggage check-in, and from restaurants, lounges and shopping areas to back offices and control centre areas.
Gate and hold room

Waiting area seating systems such as Airline, Meda Gate, .04 or Eames Tandem Seating are suitable for airports of all sizes – even at mega hubs such as London Heathrow and Atlanta Hartsfield. Our longstanding cooperation with designated logistics partners ensures optimal distribution operations and efficient information flow.

Lounges are important areas for travellers – they can relax or work in peace and quiet there. The comfortable lounge furniture by Vitra meets the high demands of public spaces. Vitra also drives forward the development of innovative products.
Check-in, security and immigration

Chairs such as the .04 and the ID Chair are perfect for intensive use – also in terms of ergonomic and hygienic aspects.
Air and ground traffic control

Air traffic controllers are responsible for many people’s safety. With ID Chair, Vitra offers a chair that can lessen tension and facilitate concentration during screen-based work.
Restaurant zones and bars

Food courts with their many restaurants and bars are important meeting areas where passengers should feel at ease. Vitra offers chairs and tables for all kind of restaurants – from fast food places to gourmet restaurants.

The Vitra Airport & Transportation Division specialises in Public Spaces. This team offers consultant services, develops plans and implements these plans with Vitra products. Please contact us for more information: [email protected].

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