Ebersbach an der Fils, Germany

The client relinquished its long-established but outdated company premises and moved along with the production operations to a renovated industrial hall in a neighbouring town. A new spirit of togetherness was to be created, with an open work environment whose overall design is a visible expression of the corporate culture.

Vitra was commissioned to design a concept for this project. The first step was the joint development of an abstract cultural identity. Workshops with the management and staff supplied a detailed analysis of the status quo and future requirements, ideas and intentions. From circulation routes and communication paths to the division of space into areas for working, meeting and relaxation as well as solutions for lighting and acoustics, the various options were discussed with the staff and ultimately approved by them for further development by Vitra. These proposals provided the broadly supported basis for the planning and implementation phases.

The outcome is a dynamic working environment that encourages communication, cooperation and inspiration and prevents isolated departmentalised thinking. Electrostar's eventful history is conveyed by means of vintage equipment, logos and printed matter, alongside a compelling demonstration of the company's current innovative vitality. An important requirement was transparency vis-à-vis customers, who should have access to the open-plan office. Connecting to the office space is an event and exhibition area that can be separated off with a curtain, along with two soundproof demonstration rooms. Industrial shelving provides structure and, in addition to storage space, also contains historical exhibits and lush greenery.
Interior architecture
Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Eduardo Perez
Product overview