Dancing Wall

Stephan Hürlemann, 2018

Many companies adapt to the increasingly unpredictable changes in their markets by creating agile organisational structures. To facilitate this, they require office furnishings that can be easily reconfigured – if possible by the users themselves. Dancing Wall is a solution for these new working environments.

The basic function of Dancing Wall is that of a mobile partition that can be used to flexibly divide offices into zones, while providing vertical work space. It consists of a metal frame, which can be equipped in various configurations: as a bookshelf, TV unit, cloakroom, plant wall, or as a room divider with removable whiteboards and pinboards. The design also allows for the integration of power cables and functional accessories, which can be custom specified to suit the company's needs.

Clad with solid wood panels, the base of the Dancing Wall carries sufficient weight to be extremely stable despite the short length of the lateral castor extensions, while remaining easy to move around.
Diverse combinations of different Dancing Walls can create countless office layouts and work situations, and be spontaneously adapted to changes in team size or room function – without renovations, without a fitter. Thanks to this modularity, Dancing Wall is perfectly in tune with the changing requirements of the modern working world.

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Stephan Hürlemann
Stephan Hürlemann is a Swiss architect and designer with an independent studio in Zurich. He designs and develops interiors, furniture, products and installations for international clients. He has worked together with Vitra since 2017.