St James Power Station

Singapore, Singapore

Built in 1927, St James Power Station is a symbol of the early development and progress of Singapore as a nation. Now the listed building has been extensively refurbished and transformed into offices. The new tenant, a multinational technology company specialising in household appliances, has respectfully incorporated the building's industrial heritage into the design of the interior spaces – from their layout to the choice of materials and furniture. At the same time, the new office landscapes were designed to communicate corporate culture and create a sense of belonging so that employees and visitors feel part of a community with common goals and ambitions.

To ensure future viability, great importance was attached to the flexibility of the office space and structural interventions were reduced to a minimum. Many zones are formulated as openly as possible with movable wall elements and furniture so that users can quickly and easily adapt them to their immediate needs. The mobile Dancing Walls and other agile products from Vitra not only fulfil these purposes, but also meet the client's exacting demands in terms of sustainability.

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