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Girard Talk with House of Folly

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017, 4:00pm

House of Folly and Vitra invite you to a talk dedicated to the works of Alexander Girard at the Super Design Market.

Talented in many disciplines, Alexander Girard born in 1907 was a gifted architect as well as furniture and textile designer, interior designer, graphic, exhibition and industrial designer. Girard’s ideas created a body of work that include vibrant colors and a special playfulness, creating inventive interior designs full of masterful handmade pieces and unusual color play.

Join Anni Hayashi, Head of Home at Vitra (Asia & Middle East) to learn how Girard became one of the leading figures of postwar American design.

4:00 pm Presentation

Free to attend.

House of Folly
Super Design Market, Ground floor building 7
Dubai Design District (d3)

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Publication date: 8.11.2017
Images: Girard Portrait by Charles Eames, © Eames Office, LLC; Marek Iwiki; Lorenz Cugini