Visplay is back!

‘play it smart’ – we follow this guiding principle on a daily basis at Visplay.

Visplay? Yes, Visplay is back! After a phase of close cooperation with the affiliated company Vitra, Visplay will once again operate as an independent brand from January 2019.

Visplay offers tailored solutions for the ever rapidly evolving retail sector. With decades of experience as a technical innovator, our strength lies in shopfitting systems designed for walls, ceilings and mid-floor zones. Visplay offers display solutions that can be continually reconfigured with diverse merchandise supports and adapted to every sales floor layout. Powered systems enable the use of monitors, back-lit signs and electronic price tags, and especially enhance the customer journey with digital elements. All Visplay systems are available in customisable colours and lengths – and thanks to a widespread logistics network, they can be delivered across the globe.

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Publication Date: 01.01.2019