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Cities are vibrant hubs of activity, where there is always an abundance of interesting things to do and explore. No wonder, then, that ever more people are drawn to take up residence in urban environments, and available living space is becoming increasingly limited. With this comes a growing demand for agile and practical furnishings to optimise the use of compact interiors, where every object takes on multiple functional aspects, as well as performs a decorative role.

The Vitra Home Collection, ranging from dining tables and chairs to sofas, outdoor pieces and timeless accessories, effortlessly transforms every space – regardless of its dimensions – into a home. For this year’s Home Stories for Spring campaign, Vitra invites you to discover a selection of products and accessories that are suitable for every dwelling, and capable of meeting every personal taste and requirement.

Standard All Plastic Chair Panton Hal Ply Cork Stool Elephant Plywood Plate Dining Table Ball Clock_web_16-9


The dining room is much more than just a dining room. The dining table with its composition of multi-functional chairs forms the centre of the home. Vitra’s wide-ranging assortment of tables, chairs and dining accessories encompasses classic as well as new designs, including various models particularly suitable for urban compact spaces.

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The Cork Family, designed by Jasper Morrison in 2004, consists of five models made of pure cork that can be used as side tables or stools. Thanks to the understated design, these pieces are unobtrusive and versatile companions for daily living. Also designed by Jasper Morrison and made of the same natural material, the Cork Bowls are now available in two sizes and can be used as shallow bowls or trays.

It is a natural renewable material obtained from the bark of cork oak trees. The cork used for Vitra products is recycled material of the highest quality, that gives the Cork Family and Bowls a unique lively texture.


There are outdoor chairs and there are indoor chairs and then there are chairs from Vitra. These can be taken out to the garden, enjoyed on the balcony or even on the beach. This chair selection of various multi-functional models including contemporary pieces as well as classics of 20th-century design are constructed of weatherproof materials and feature colours with a high level of UV resistance.

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