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Home Stories for Spring

1 April - 31 August, 2019

Furnishing compact spaces may sometimes feel like a creative challenge. City dwellers must be selective, as every object chosen needs to work in many ways.

Meet our dining tables and neat sofas, iconic indoor and outdoor chairs and our accessories which sit perfectly in these compact yet flexible homes.

Home Stories

There’s no right size for a home, and no correct style. It can be for one or for many; it can be a place to hide from the world or a space to welcome it in; it can be plugged into the network or completely off grid; it can be full of things or almost empty; richly decorated or strictly minimal.

No matter your way of life or what you choose to keep around you, your home has a unique character that belongs to you alone. Contemporary designs, classical treasures, or objects with origins that are lost in time: once something enters your space it becomes part of your story, an element of your distinct collage.

The Vitra Home Collection encompasses the visions and creations of an international team of authors and brings together designers working today and with those of previous decades. Whatever your scale or your sensibility, there is a piece in the Collection that will be perfectly at home in your home.

Home Stories Catalog (PDF)