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Classic Trays

Various Designers, 1952-1974


The designers Alexander Girard and Charles and Ray Eames were leading figures in American design during the post-war era. While textile design was the primary focus of Girard's oeuvre, he was also admired for his work in the graphic arts as well as furniture, exhibition and interior design.

© Eames Office, LLC
© Eames Office, LLC

The expansive oeuvre of Charles and Ray Eames is not limited to product design, architecture, exhibition design and cinematography, but also encompasses a large number of graphic designs, most of which were created by Ray Eames.

© Eames Office, LLC
© Eames Office, LLC

The Classic Trays, which are made of laminated plywood, come in assorted motifs created by Girard for various purposes and selected by Vitra in cooperation with the Girard family. Charles and Ray Eames developed the Dot Pattern in 1947 and later used it on pillows, upholstery, blankets and other applications.

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