Institut auf dem Rosenberg

St. Gallen, Switzerland

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg provides contemporary learning experiences that enable academic achievements and personal development above and beyond traditional schooling. To befit the innovative 21st century educational concepts, the learning environments have been redesigned and refurbished.

In addition to future-oriented teaching methods, the themes of nature and sustainability play an important role in all of the school's projects. Convinced by the quality and durability of Vitra's products, the client extended its partnership with Vitra to include the planning and implementation of the staff workstations, workshop rooms, the Humanix |X| ® Pavilion, reception area, the Media Centre, the Science Centre and most recently the Office Lab. The Humanix |X| ® Pavilion in particular exemplifies the new concept, with furnishings that encourage creative collaboration: Dancing Walls, tables on castors and comfortable, lightweight chairs create a dynamic and agile environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a forum-like platform.
Gemperli Architekten
Interior architecture
Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Christoph Düpper
Product overview