At Work with…

Hella Jongerius

In the series ‘At Work with…’, we offer an inside look at the workspaces of our designers — both past and present.
"My studio space is a small old factory with four floors divided into several different trial-and-error spaces. It’s easy to get lost there, which gives me a sense of freedom. It has a forthright character yet is still flexible enough to allow different dynamics and atmospheres. I always search for a hidden silent studio, so that we can concentrate on our work, isolated in our own bubble.

The space gives me energy and potential. I like the fact that it doesn’t just belong to me, it only needs another member of our team to walk in with some cardboard and a table, and something new will begin."

Publication date: 7.12.2017
Author: Hella Jongerius
Images: Magdalena Lepka / Studio Likeness, Roel van Tour; © Jongeriuslab

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