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A Studio Visit with… Konstantin Grcic

How does the designer Konstantin Grcic like to work? What requirements does he have for his own studio and how does he design spaces and products for the offices of others? We paid him a visit and talked about changing workplace environments.

‘My office has never been corporate, and it evolves as we buy the furniture that is needed. When I work for Vitra, my office and experience is a certain reference for that, but I am conscious that what I am designing is made for a much larger scale.
The larger offices that have hundreds of employees have a dynamic that results in ever-changing teams: expanding and contracting over time with people moving them. For many new and existing corporate cultures, the ad-hoc way of working is attractive. I think there is something very interesting about this: no false pretences, no good taste. A good table might be one that you find or a ping pong table or just two trestles.’

Publication date: 8.11.2018
Author: Vitra / Konstantin Grcic
Film, Images: Marek Iwicki

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