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E-paper Issue 04

New Dynamics in the Home

We have asked a lot of our homes in the past months. As we retreated to them as our safe haven, they had to function as our offices and schools, our playgrounds and gyms, our restaurants and cinemas. We will continue to spend more time at home: remote working is here to stay, at least for the time being and as an ongoing option for most companies, and, most likely, it will be years before travel reaches anything close to pre-pandemic levels.

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Task Chairs

For some time now communication technologies have been blurring the line between life and work. Even before we had to migrate to our homes en masse, many of us were spending large parts of our working lives in places other than our offices. While operating from home might seem less rigid, in fact, without your daily commute or lunchtime outing, you might find yourself sitting in one place for longer than ever – and as everyone knows, sitting still for extended periods is a major health risk. Therefore, finding the right task chair, one that promotes the optimum dynamic sitting position, is essential.

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Office Themes

Newspapers About Work

Which topics move the world of the office and which work processes will influence the future of work? In a dedicated series of newspapers about work, we invite designers, architects and industry experts to address these themes.

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Our Clients

For decades, we have been exploring the question of how interiors and their furnishings can best serve inhabitants, users and visitors. We have provided answers to this question in countless projects all over the world.

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