Your internship at Vitra.

Even as an intern, you will be involved in current projects and daily business, giving you comprehensive insights into company processes at Vitra. Whether it's a practical semester for your studies or a vocational guidance internship, together we can flexibly design the manner and duration.

Student internship

BOGY and BORS internships (Berufsorientierungspraktika an Realschulen und Gymnasien – Career-Oriented Internships for the Gymnasium or Realschule) offer young students an important opportunity to explore career options. We offer targeted career guidance and give students the opportunity to get a feel for our working world and gain practical experience.

In addition, we offer opportunities for schools to visit us and gain insights into our production activities and working methods.

Internship semester

Vitra gives inquisitive and dedicated students the opportunity to acquire practical experience, gain insights into the professional world and discover their talents. Whether it's just a taster or a mandatory part of your studies: internships are possible in virtually every company department.

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