Completing the circle

The Circle Store on the Vitra Campus

The Vitra Campus has been home to a Circle Store selling used furniture and accessories since October 2023. The underlying philosophy is that the longer a product is in use, the better its overall environmental footprint. Such circular thinking is becoming increasingly prevalent in design, fashion and architecture.

The circle is an emblematic symbol for sustainable, future-orientated economic activity. The longer materials and objects are in circulation – i.e. the longer they are in use – the better their sustainability performance. A lengthy lifespan is more than an idealistic goal, but one of several decisive factors when it comes to evaluating just how environmentally friendly a product is. The fact that this is now increasingly recognised by a growing number of people is evident, for example, from the boom in second-hand clothing, especially in the luxury segment. Carrying a vintage handbag is today considered chic.
Circular thinking is now also being adopted in architecture and the interior design sector. Some of today’s most interesting projects are committed to the principle of circular construction – with used building elements and recycled materials. Supplies come directly from demolition sites or building component exchanges. Furthermore, when planning new buildings, architects increasingly focus on ensuring that the construction can later be easily dismantled. Interiors are also being outfitted with second-hand furniture and accessories – bringing their own history and personality.

The Vitra Circle Stores harbour the symbol of sustainable business in their name. It is here that the company sells used furniture and accessories from the Vitra and Artek portfolios, remaining true to its values and philosophy of designing products that last.
‘Vitra’s greatest contribution to sustainability is its products with an above-average service life, which omit everything superfluous. Our roots in modern design would allow nothing else.’
Nora Fehlbaum, CEO of Vitra
In addition to the Circle Stores in Brussels and Amsterdam, a new Circle Store opened its doors on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein in October 2023, in close proximity to the VitraHaus, Vitra Design Museum and Schaudepot.

The products on sale in the three Vitra Circle Stores come from various sources and include exhibits from events and showrooms, products used for photo shoots, as well as product returns from the online shop. Instead of being thrown away, these items are checked and, if necessary, cleaned and restored. The stores also offer furniture-related services, such as repairs or the replacement of worn parts. After all, it is an established fact that things that are cared for will last longer – in the spirit of the circle.

Publication date: 14.2.2024
Author: Jasmin Jouhar
Images: © Vitra

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