Happy Times for Working

A Studio Visit with… Barber & Osgerby

How has office work changed? And how have designers responded? We visited Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby in their London studio and talked to them about the new role of the office – and the end of the desk as we know it.

"Technology has now made it possible to work from public spaces. It is becoming more and more common — whether you work for yourself, whether you’re part of a start-up, or whether you work for a large company. The rules of formal work have broken down no matter where or how you work; hotel lobbies and cafes have become the new workplaces of today."
Edward Barber
"Because we travel so much, we’ve seen this unfolding around us. You pick it up in the air. We are fortunate to work in an environment which is always changing. Our thesis is that the desk has had its day. You may have a desk at home but our theory is that, with mobile technology, you need a place to sit occasionally or a comfortable place to hang out.

The workstation is going the same way as the dining room—it’s disappearing as an archetype. It underlines the fact that people are more mobile, too. They get up and move around, have a coffee, or go and talk to someone else, which is what our technology is allowing us to do."
Jay Osgerby

Publication date: 20.10.2018
Images: Lorenz Cugini, Marek Iwicki
Film: Marek Iwicki

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