Repos & Grand Repos

Antonio Citterio, 2011

  • Jointly developed by Vitra and Antonio Citterio, the lounge chairs Repos and Grand Repos introduce a new level of comfort and flexibility to the home environment: with their generous padding, inviting armrests and high backrest, these elegant swivel-based lounge chairs impart an image of supreme comfort.

    Thanks to the synchronised mechanism concealed beneath the upholstery, sitters can move from an upright posture to a reclined angle for resting and lock the backrest in any position. The resistance of the backrest can be manually adjusted to the user's weight. This ensures great comfort and optimal spinal support across the entire range of movement.

    Repos, Grand Repos and Ottoman are available in two different seat heights.

  • Leather Natural (contrast seam)

    Cosy (contrast seam/cross stitch)

    01 pebble grey

    10 classic grey

    09 night blue

    08 black forest

    11 merino black

    04 velvet brown

    06 dark aubergine

    05 aubergine

    03 nutmeg

    02 fossil


    11 cream/dolphin

    13 salt'n pepper

    14 sand/avocado

    06 anthracite/elephant

    07 black/anthracite

    08 dark blue/ black

    05 chocolate/black

    17 black/aubergine

    16 red chilli

    15 safran

    12 rock

    01 cream


    06 pebble melange

    15 sage/pebble

    11 yellow melange

    13 green melange

    16 blue/grey

    09 grey melange

    08 anthracite melange

    05 sand/anthracite

    04 brown melange

    20 magenta melange

    21 red melange

    10 pale rose/beige

    17 sand melange

    07 ginger/grey

    03 beige/grey

    02 beige melange

    01 ivory melange

    Leather (contrast seam)

    72 snow

    67 asphalt

    66 nero

    68 chocolate

    69 marron

    70 red

    71 sand

    Leather Grand (contrast seam)

    72 snow

    66 nero

    77 brown

    68 chocolate

    71 sand

    Leather Premium (contrast seam)

    72 snow

    64 cement

    65 granite

    60 smoke blue

    59 jade

    58 khaki

    61 umbra grey

    67 asphalt

    66 nero

    77 brown

    68 chocolate

    87 plum

    69 marron

    93 brandy

    22 red stone

    97 cognac

    74 olive

    75 camel

    62 ochre

    63 cashew

    71 sand

    73 clay


    03 aluminium polished

    30 basic dark powder-coated (smooth)

    52 soft light powder-coated (smooth)

    Chair/body: moulded polyurethane foam with webbed plastic frame and integrated synchronised mechanism with locking device.
    Base: four-star base in die-cast aluminium, polished or powder-coated finish.
    Neck pillow: filled with feathers.
    Panchina (both sizes): plywood board, polyurethane foam and polyester fibre.
    Legs: die-cast aluminium, polished or powder-coated finish.
    Ottoman: plastic panel, polyurethane foam and polyester fibre.
    Four-star base: die-cast aluminium, polished or powder-coated finish.
    Glides: fitted with plastic glides for soft floors or felt glides for hard floors; Panchinas are only available with plastic glides.

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The architect and designer Antonio Citterio, who lives and works in Milan, has collaborated with Vitra since 1988. Together they have produced a series of office chairs and various office systems, as well as products for the Vitra Home Collection. The Citterio Collection is constantly being expanded.
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