Christian Louboutin

Paris, France

Founded in 1990, the luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin is known for the trademark red soles on its footwear. With offices spread across five different locations in Paris, the company was looking to unite the teams in a single workplace housed within a historic building. To accommodate the growing number of employees, it was essential to introduce a desk-sharing concept. Furthermore, the new work environment had to encourage team-based project work and serve as a compelling reflection of the brand and its values in order to attract the best talent.

Having always valued the quality and aesthetics of Vitra products, the Louboutin team commissioned the Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio (CPS) to plan and deliver a collaborative office environment and facilitate the associated new work methods. The central entrance area serves multiple key functions: a reception and welcome zone, a place to eat and relax, and a venue for spontaneous meetings and inter-team dialogue. The management staff still has individual offices, but they can all be used as meeting rooms or retreats when the respective occupant is absent. The work areas and meeting rooms are furnished with a variety of Vitra products.
Christian Louboutin
Interior architecture
Christian Louboutin / Vitra Consulting & Planning Studio
Frédéric Baron-Morin
Product overview

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