At Work with…

Susanne Graner

In the series ‘At Work with…’, we offer an inside look at creative workspaces – both past and present.

"I enjoy the rare moments of peace and quiet when I can work on restorations without interruption. Since I often have to pay simultaneous attention to a lot of different things – whether at my desk, in the collection storage areas, in exhibitions or on the go – I find it exciting and rewarding to concentrate on just one thing, on a single object or problem. The more unusual the problem or issue, the more interesting. Good lighting and materials – paints, glues, Japan papers, proper tools – everything has to be just right in order to achieve the desired result. The openness and transparency of the new conservation workshop, which is adjacent to the offices of the Vitra Design Museum, makes it possible for our visitors to share in such moments."
Susanne Graner is responsible for the collection of the Vitra Design Museum and head of the museum’s conservation workshop. In preparation for the upcoming exhibition ‘An Eames Celebration’, an especially large number of objects from the Eames collection in the Vitra Design Museum are currently on her work table.

Publication date: 14.9.2017
Author: Susanne Graner, Collection & Archive, Vitra Design Museum
Images: Florine Leoni, © Vitra

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