Freeform Sofa

Isamu Noguchi, 1946


The sculptural quality of Noguchi's design vocabulary finds expression in the Freeform Sofa: it is entirely different from other designs of the same period, appearing in combination with the Ottoman like an enlarged sculpture of flat, rounded river stones. The slender organic forms are fluid and graceful. Noguchi emphasises the lightness of the elements with thin yet comfortable upholstery and a choice of cover fabrics in natural colours.

The Freeform Sofa and companion Ottoman were produced around 1950 in limited numbers. Today, the few remaining pieces achieve record prices at auction. Since 2002, the group has been produced by the Vitra Design Museum as a fully authentic re-edition. The sofa is suitable not only for use in living spaces, but also in lobbies, hotels and retail shops.

Isamu Noguchi is considered a universal talent with a creative oeuvre that went beyond sculpture to encompass stage sets, furniture, lighting, interiors as well as outdoor plazas and gardens. His sculptural style is indebted to a vocabulary of organic forms and exerted a sustained influence on the design of the 1950s.

'My Father, Yone Noguchi is Japanese and has long been known as an interpreter of the East and West, through poetry. I wish to do the same thing through sculpture.'
Isamu Noguchi

He wrote in his proposal for a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Material description
  • Frame: solid beech.
  • Body and cushions: classic upholstery.
  • Covers: removable.
  • Legs: solid maple, natural finish or walnut stain.
This product was designed by
Isamu Noguchi
The oeuvre of Japanese-American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi is unusually multi-faceted. Since 2002, the Vitra Design Museum has produced re-editions of his designs in cooperation with the Isamu Noguchi Foundation in New York. Some of these pieces now belong to the Vitra Collection.
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