Vitra sources its upholstery fabrics from a small selection of European textile manufacturers, mainly located in Germany and Italy, with whom the company has maintained long and close partnerships. The textiles are continually tested according to the criteria of established certificates, documenting their safety and ecological performance.

While synthetic fibres were originally introduced to offset the disadvantages of natural materials (availability, technical properties), today their use is carefully chosen to address environmental concerns. From 2021 onwards, Vitra will thus be successively increasing the proportion of synthetic fibres derived from recycled materials.

Vitra does not offer any textiles that have been additionally treated with stain and dirt repellent. This decision is based on the ecological and health-related consequences associated with chemical treatments. Depending on the type of treatment, it can have detrimental effects in the production phase, when the product is used and/or after it reaches the end customer. Vitra places greater emphasis on the selection of high-quality textiles that meet the desired performance requirements by virtue of their natural characteristics (e.g. dirt resistance of wool).

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