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In-person meetings have barely been possible during the past months. With the Vitra Sessions, we’re introducing a new format so we can get in touch more frequently with you, no matter where you are. The aim of the Vitra Sessions is to provide quick conversation starters on topics that are important to Vitra as a design company and also likely to have an impact on you – as a company, an employee or a private person.

The 90-minute sessions are packed with design stories, expert keynotes, product news and handy tips for individuals and companies and seasoned with short sequences from creatives – also ranging far beyond the realm of furniture. In the first session, we explored the world of ‘Distributed Work’ and its many implications for businesses and organisations. Our second session focused on ‘Home Dynamics’ and the question as to how the domestic space can respond to accommodating more aspects of our lives. In case you missed one of the sessions, you can still sign up to catch up with our teams.

Join us for the next Vitra Session on 10 June, as we will open the doors to the Club Office, created by Vitra as a response to the need for post-pandemic workspaces and built in our head office in Basel, Switzerland over the last six months.

Club Office​

Vitra Session #3 - 10 June 2021​, 9 am PST / 12 pm EST

The many advantages and disadvantages of remote work have been studied and written about extensively over the past twelve months. The physical act of going to the workplace will become a conscious choice for many. One that is guided by the tasks that lie ahead. The physical workspaces that we now build should complement the home office rather than just being seen as an alternative to remote working. In this session, we will open the doors of the new Club Office. Built over the last six months at our head office in Basel, Switzerland, it was created by Vitra as a response to the need for post-pandemic workspaces.

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Vitra Sessions

The Vitra Sessions are a series of short digital events to explore how offices, homes and public spaces are evolving. The format will bring together expert keynotes and conversations on design, and feature product news with practical tips for individuals and companies. Short sequences presenting creative insights from within and far beyond the realm of furniture will bring another dimension. During the digital sessions, we will dive into the experiences of the past year and question the nature of our shared spatial environments, which have been put to the test.

Home Dynamics​

E-Paper 06​

Never have our homes been subject to more changes than over the past months. Any societal shift requires a response from the world of design. What can we learn from the past? What have we learned from the remote working experiment of 2020? As designers, architects and manufacturers, our challenge is to maximise the use of limited space, while generating a sense of safety and well-being and making room for more individual choices as we design, shape and build the dynamic home of tomorrow. Featuring insights by international speaker & author Oona Horx-Strathern, psychotherapist & author Esther Perell, happiness consultant & company founder Samantha Clarke as well as planning examples, our latest e-paper looks at implications of the developments of the past year on individuals, how we live in our homes and how we might use our domestic spaces in future.


Distributed Work

E-Paper 05

How does the shift towards a distributed working model set in motion by the outbreak of the pandemic impact businesses and organisations in the mid to long term? This was the central question we explored during the Vitra Session on ‘Distributed Work’ that took place on 11 March. With contributions by designers, thought-leaders and industry experts, the event proved to be highly successful and managed to set a lively tone for the sessions to follow.

For more in-depth analyses and insights on the theme of ‘Distributed Work’, be sure to download the latest issue of our e-paper, which includes in-depth essays, inspiring interviews with thought and business leaders, scientific findings, helpful spatial solutions and much more inspiring content.


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