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「ヴィトラ キャンパス」で過ごす1日

The Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, near Basel, offers you a multifaceted experience of design, architecture, art and nature. Find inspiration for your home in the VitraHaus, take part in guided tours, visit the exhibitions in the Vitra Design Museum, relish the Oudolf Garten and enjoy culinary offerings at the VitraHaus Café and the Depot Deli all year round.

The Vitra Campus App will help you navigate the Vitra Campus and be your digital companion for your visit. It can also tell you more about the products in the VitraHaus when you use its product scanner.
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Opening hours

VitraHaus, Shop and Café
Mon – Sun: 10am – 6pm
Interior Studio
Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm
Vitra Design Museum and Vitra Design Museum Gallery
Mon – Sun: 10am – 6pm
Vitra Schaudepot and Shop
Mon – Sun: 10am – 6pm
Depot Deli
Mo-So: 9.30am – 6pm

Vitra Campus
Charles-Eames-Str. 2
D-79576 Weil am Rhein
+49 (0) 7621 702 3500
[email protected]


鉄道駅Basel Badischer Bahnhofからお越しの場合: 55番バスで停留所Vitraで下車(約15分)、またはドイツ鉄道(Deutsche Bahn)でWeil am Rhein駅下車(約5分)、そこからキャンパスまで徒歩1km(15分)

Basel SBB駅、Barfüsserplatz駅、Claraplatz駅、Kleinhüningen駅からお越しの場合: 8番トラムでWeil am Rhein Bahnhof / Zentrum駅下車(約15-30分)、そこからキャンパスまでは徒歩1km(約15分)

Weil am Rhein駅から徒歩でお越しの場合:
Müllheimer通り沿いのヴィトラキャンパスの標識に従ってお進みください。 キャンパスまでは徒歩1km(約15分)

EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse空港から: 50番バスでBasel SBB駅まで乗車し(約20分)、8番トラムに乗り換え、Weil am Rhein Bahnhof / Zentrumで下車(約30分)。キャンパスまでは徒歩1kmで(約15分)

ドイツからお越しの場合:高速道路A5 Karlsruhe-Basel、出口69 Weil am Rheinを左折し、Vitra Design Museumの標識に従ってお進みください。

スイスからお越しの場合:高速道路A5 Basel-Karlsruhe、出口69 Weil am Rheinを左折し、Vitra Design Museumの標識に従ってお進みください。

フランスからお越しの場合:ストラスブールからパドレーン橋(D)、E 35号線を越えてVitra Campusまでお越しください。


Satnav 北側入り口: Charles-Eames-Str. 2, 79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany
Satnav 南側入り口: Müllheimer Str. 56, 79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany

Sustainable Mobility

Vitra supports sustainable mobility At the Vitra Campus north car park, there are standard rate charging stations available for visitors. The Vitra Campus has a direct public transport connection with its bus stop and for those visitors who decide to walk from the train or tram station in Weil am Rhein, the Designweg takes you directly from town to the Vitra Campus.


The Vitra Campus has access for visitors with limited mobility and wheelchair users. The Vitra Design Museum, the Vitra Schaudepot, the VitraHaus and the Vitra Design Museum Gallery are almost fully accessible. For detailed information, feel free to contact us.
are available free of charge at all reception areas on the Vitra Campus.
accompanying visitors with special needs may visit free of charge.
Dogs are permitted in outdoor areas if kept on a lead. Animals are, however, not permitted in the buildings or on tours. Guide dogs are the exception: They may be brought on architecture tours on request.



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