ID Chair Concept / ID チェア コンセプト

Antonio Citterio, 2010/2021

2010 年にヴィトラとアントニオ・チッテリオが開発した「ID チェア コンセプト」は、デザインと機能性を重視した幅広いオプションを取り揃え、あらゆるニーズに合わせてカスタマイズできる革新的なタスクチェアのシリーズです。2021年、このシリーズの快適性、デザイン性、そして環境に与える影響に関して全面的に見直し、さらに新作が加わりました。

Countless office chair options for healthy sitting

IDチェアコンセプトは、バックレストのデザインからフレームのカラー、張地、シートとバックレストを自動調節するフローモーション機能やアームレストのオプションまで、自由に選ぶことができるため、ユーザーや企業のリクエストに合わせた独自のIDチェアを作ることが可能です。さらに、共通の部品を使用しているため、発注やメンテナンスも容易です。 .

And what else does the ID Chair Concept offer?

Monochrome colour palettes

In addition to the classic chrome versions of the base and armrests, the metal parts of the ID Chairs are also available in the colours soft grey and basic dark. The soft grey hue gives the chair a decidedly non-technical appearance, and combined with light-coloured fabric or leathers has a friendly inviting look. In these light-coloured palettes, the ID Chair is also ideal for the home office. And if the metal parts are selected in black, in combination with dark fabrics or leathers, the dark monochrome chairs acquire a striking silhouette.
Human beings have a natural urge to move – even while seated. Ideally, an office swivel chair should not only offer freedom of movement but also encourage dynamic sitting habits. With this in mind, Vitra developed the FlowMotion mechanism. This patented mechanical unit supports the sitter across the full range of movement – not just in the backward tilt, but also when leaning forwards. Nearly all functions can be adjusted while sitting in the chair, and just a few quick turns of an adjustment screw enable precision tuning from minimum to maximum resistance. Even if the settings are not optimally adjusted on occasion, the chair still retains its ergonomic properties.

The functional features of the FlowMotion mechanism come in three different combinations:

  • with forward tilt, without seat depth adjustment
  • without forward tilt, with seat depth adjustment
  • without forward tilt and without seat depth adjustment
Sustainability and quality
Vitra Test Center
Vitra has its own Test Center where all office chairs undergo rigorous testing to simulate 15 years of use. Vitra's inspection catalogue includes the world's toughest tests (simulation of worst-case usage), with requirements that far exceed standard regulations. Over the years, Vitra has developed additional tests of its own that are not found in any official catalogue of standards.

Blue Angel
The ID Chair Concept bears the 'Blue Angel' environmental label for low-emission upholstered furniture, which certifies that the manufacturing methods and materials of the product comply with guidelines for environmental protection and consumer safety. The Blue Angel (1978) is one of the oldest environmental labels.

The GREENGUARD label for indoor air quality (2001) recognises products that contribute to the creation of healthier indoor environments.

With the GS seal for tested safety, a state-authorised inspection institute certifies the suitability and safety of the construction and monitors production at regular intervals.

Ergonomics Approved
The LGA certificate 'Ergonomics Approved' confirms the fulfilment of ergonomic requirements and testing criteria that exceed the minimum legal regulations for office swivel chairs.

ID Chair fulfils the ANSI/BIFMA standard X5.1-2011, thus meeting the stringent safety requirements for the US market.

Office chairs of ID Chair Concept


Products of the family

ID Visitor – the matching visitor chair

ID Visitor is a comfortable touchdown chair designed by Vitra in collaboration with Antonio Citterio, perfectly coordinated with the ID Chair Concept. Thanks to its understated design, ID Visitor can be combined with almost any office chair and integrated in a wide variety of work environments. The backrest can be selected from a choice of four versions to match those of the other ID Chairs.


アントニオ・チッテリオ (Antonio Citterio) はミラノを拠点として活躍する建築家、デザイナーです。 ヴィトラとは1988年から協働を始め、一般家庭のための家具から、オフィス向けのオフィスチェアやシステムまで、 チッテリオが生み出す製品はその幅を広げ続けています。